Nassau Chess Club




Nassau Chess Club meets Mondays at Christ Lutheran Church, 57 Spooner St., Floral Park except most holidays from 7 PM to 11:30 PM. Nassau is the largest and strongest club on Long Island with rated tournaments for all ages and strengths from novice to Grand Master. The club offers more Grand Prix points than all other LI clubs combined.  Visitors welcome. If not playing entire event, rated games available. Rated matches may be arranged. Bring equipment and pen/pencil. No Smoking. Information & advance entries: Harold Stenzel, 80 Amy Drive, Sayville, NY 11782 (631) 218 4440. No phone or online entries. Handicap access. Events with a second control of SD/30;d5 will have SD/35;d0 for clocks not delay capable.  Rule 14H not used. Registration is 7-7:15 PM the first night. Details subject to change. See Chess Life or website for the latest information. Club closed 2/21/22, 5/30/22, 7/4/22.  Web site:


Nassau Chess Club Membership is $50 for 12 months for adults, $40 for over 64 years old, $2 times age for under 25. Among the benefits of club membership are discounts on books, equipment, and back issues of Chess Life. USCF membership is required for rated events. Schedule subject to change without notice. Read Chess Life for latest info. June 6, 2022. Elections. Nominations by 5/23/22. Only members may vote.

Half point byes: Nassau CC offers half byes to make it possible for those that can't play every week to enter without being penalized too severely for missing a game. The number of byes varies in each tournament. A player who doesn't request a bye and fails to appear will be charged with a forfeit loss and a $5 fine.  The fine will be increased on players who repeatedly fail to notify in advance.  Players wishing to enter after the 1st round may by paying the late EF and receive a half bye for each round missed up to the max. Players must notify the director (631 218 4440) as soon as needed but no later than 6:45 PM on that day. Don’t make email requests as there is limited access at the club.  No round robin byes. Last round must be requested during the first half and is irrevocable.

Tournament rule 13G: "A player who does not notify the tournament director well in advance of the inability to play in any round, and then defaults the game under 13D.” (not appearing within 1 hour after the round starts) “The player may be fined up to the amount of the entry fee, payable to the organizer. The player may be barred from any of the organizer’s tournaments until the fine is paid." This rule is enforced at Nassau CC. If you drop out or can't make a round, please notify the director. Failure to do so is rude and deprives someone of a game. Fines added to the Nassau Championship.